5 Reasons Why Saquon Barkley Will Be a Top 3 Fantasy RB this Season (#5)

giants schedule

Barkley’s Schedule

While the Giants have an extremely tough schedule, this may prove to be helpful for  Barkley. Many of the teams they play have high powered offenses, leading to the need for the Giants to score more often. They will be getting the ball back a lot quicker than usual, and this can provide time for Barkley to produce. Last year, the Giants were 29th overall in time of possession. If the defense can step up this year with new additions, or the offense can get longer drives going, Barkley will be involved in all of it and will succeed greatly.


With all of this persuasive information, it is hard to believe that Barkley wouldn’t be a lock for RB5 or greater. He possesses the talent and situation to be a star, it is all a matter of if things go right for the young stud. It is very possible that Barkley has an amazing season, but others such as Bell, Johnson, and Gurley just perform unbeatably. But what is undoubted is that Barkley will be given a large workload, and will be the feature back on a potential high powered offense. If the cards play right, you should consider drafting Barkley top 6 in your fantasy draft, especially in PPR leagues.

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