5 Reasons Why Saquon Barkley Will Be A Top 3 Fantasy RB this Season (#2)


Barkley’s New Coach

With the arrival of new head coach Pat Shurmur, the Giants’ offensive gameplan is subject to drastic change. Under Ben McAdoo, the Giants passed on roughly 62% of their offensive plays, ranking 4th in the league behind Miami, Detroit, and Tampa Bay. Obviously, none of these teams are ground game powerhouses either, and all had basically poor seasons. But in contrast, the Minnesota Vikings threw the ball on only about 54% of their offensive plays, leaving the other 46% to establishing a solid run game. This ranked 28th in the league. When rookie running back Dalvin Cook was healthy, Shurmur was not afraid to hand him the rock, as he averaged roughly 20 carries per game in his first three games. Cook was able to produce an average of 96 ypg during this span, and would have produced more fantasy points if he had scored more than once. Barkley possesses greater talent than Cook, and will most likely be the 3rd down back for the Giants as he can stretch to the passing game very well also. Shurmur already confirmed that Saquon could take a massive workload, and it will most likely lead the way for huge games for him this season.

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