Get in on something great & join FRF today!

Signing with Front Row Football would be a move you wouldn’t regret. (Photo credit:

I am excited to announce that Front Row Football is expanding, and we are in the process of looking for new contributors.

FRF is a rapidly growing network that already has it’s foot in the door in the Sports Journalism Industry. Now, we are looking for new recruits that can help us breakthrough and make this into something bigger. We have already made two hires in the past few days, Joe D’Acunto (@joedacFRF) & Pete Cannizzo (@PeteCFRF), but we are not done yet.

What Working for Front Row Football Can Do for You:

  • Opportunity to succeed in a stress-free, collaborative writing environment
  • Place to hone your writing and marketing skills
  • Be a part of our team, filled with passionate writers looking to make their mark in sports journalism
  • Join the Growing FRF Community that is nearing 2,000 followers on Twitter
  • Huge opportunity to market yourself and build a writing portfolio


You must be at least 16 years of age to apply to FRF. Front Row Football is looking to add knowledgeable minds with a passion for Football. We are looking for writers, editors, and/or graphic designers. Previous experience is not required, but it is recommended. FRF is looking to hire people committed to contributing often, but not necessarily on a week-to-week basis.

You must have an interest in at least one of the categories below:

  • Fantasy Football: A Fantasy Football writer will be responsible for providing sincere and thoughtful fantasy advice. We would like writers who would be comfortable with publishing rankings, waiver adds, player outlooks, and more. We have content ideas in mind, but this topic is open to creative content that our writers see fit.
  • NFL Draft: We focus on the NFL Draft in the off-season, so those who follow College Football and who are knowledgeable about draft prospects, this topic comes naturally. Writers in this topic would be responsible for mock drafts, rankings, and analysis relating the the NFL Draft.
  • NFL: This topic should be one that all our writers are comfortable with. NFL articles include weekly picks, power rankings, and other analysis that may be interesting to readers. We are looking for committed writers in this position who would be open to doing power rankings, or picks, every single week.
  • Other: Have an idea of new Football related content to bring to FRF? We are open to new ideas and would love to hear this is you think it is applicable.

How to Apply?

Simply just fill out the set of questions below. Please answer all questions clearly, in-depth, and accurately. You should fill in all applicable answers, and after the last question there is a submit button!

If you cannot see the form below (most mobile phone users), please CLICK HERE to fill out the application


Thank you for your interest in Front Row Football. A member within our team will contact you shortly. If there are any questions, please reach out to our Twitter @FrontRowNFL, or email me

* Please note that these are unpaid positions. Thank you for your interest in Front Row Football. 

Use code “FRF” to Save 10% 


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