The biggest risk from every round of the 2018 NFL Draft: Round 5

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Round 5: Maurice Hurst, DT, Oakland Raiders (140th overall)

(Mike Carter/USA TODAY Sports)

Some around the league were outraged that Hurst got picked, not because of questions on his talent, but because of concerns for his health. While Hurst has been cleared by the University of Michigan, some teams don’t think Hurst is completely healthy. Now, after being given full-go by the Raiders, some teams are really concerned. From Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller:

I spoke to over 10 scouts, coaches and executives regarding Hurst. One, in a heated rant, labeled the selection “irresponsible” by the Raiders because of Hurst’s heart condition (which hasn’t been publicly shared) and hoped the talented defender would “never put a f—king helmet on again in his life.”

That sentiment was echoed many times over, with one head coach adding, “Only the Raiders would draft a guy who could literally die on the field from a known condition.”

Runner Up: Daniel Carlson, K, Minnesota Vikings

NOTE: To see the biggest risk of EVERY Round, click through the links below.

Round 6
Round 7

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