2018 NFL Draft Team Previews: Picks 1-10

The 2018 NFL Draft is less than one month away. With that said, here are “Draft Preview” graphics we created for all the teams selecting in the top 10! Let us know your thoughts by sending us a tweet @FrontRowNFL.

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1. & 4. Cleveland Browns

IMG_5020The Browns are selecting at #1 and #4, and it seems like Sam Darnold is the front-runner to go #1. There have been reports that Josh Allen is in play at #1 as well. I think Fitzpatrick and Barkley will be under heavy consideration at #4.

2. New York Giants


The Giants will have a lot available to them at #2. I think Rosen & Darnold are the Giants top-QBs. The Giants could also pass on a QB and take a guy like Saquon Barkley or Quenton Nelson.

3. New York Jets


The Jets are taking a QB. There is no other option for them after sacrificing a boat load of picks to move up to #3. Any top QB that is around when the Jets select at #3 will be under consideration.

5. Denver Broncos


The Broncos also have some options, since they don’t have a pressing need at QB. Josh Allen is a project, but he could be in a great situation in Denver to develop behind Case Kennum. Baker Mayfield and Quenton Nelson could be in play here as well.

6. Indianapolis Colts


Bradley Chubb seems to be the front-runner for the Colts if he is available at #6. Quenton Nelson and Saquon Barkley will be under consideration as well. The Colts will likely take who they think is the best player available.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


The Bucs could use some help on Defense. They will have great options to choose from at #7. I could see them adding help in the secondary (Ward, James, Fitzpatrick, etc.) or drafting an edge-rusher (Chubb, Davenport) to pair with newly-acquired veteran JPP.

8. Chicago Bears


After spending big on offensive weapons in Free Agency, I think the Bears add help on defense through the Draft. Edmunds, Ward, or Fitzpatrick could be selected here.

9. San Francisco 49ers


Adding Richard Sherman was a great move, but I think the 49ers could still use another playmaker in the secondary. Derwin James/Denzel Ward would be a great addition. A WR could be in play here as well, and Calvin Ridley may be in consideration.

10. Oakland Raiders


The Raiders could use some help along both lines, and really could use a playmaking LB. Edmunds and Smith will likely be on the Raiders’ radar. Adding an OT like Connor Williams would be a smart move as well with Donald Penn at 35 years old.

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Photos/ Fonts used are not ours, and all rights are reserved to their owners. FRF created these edits using Superimpose and Phonto. 


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