The Value of the NFL & How it Compares #SportsMoney

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The NFL hosts one of the most violent sports worldwide. Football is a sport that is no stranger to contact. Its hard-hitting style is perhaps what makes it so popular. The NFL is home to some of the best athletes in the world, and the league boasts extremely talented football players that will clash and compete to be crowned a Super Bowl champion.

I wanted to investigate the NFL, and see how it compares to other mainstream aspects in our society. How would I be able to do that? By comparing the monetary values. is a known and trusted supplier of valuations of the biggest companies and brands. Below will look into the league’s value given by Forbes, and see how it compares not only to other sports leagues, but also other types of industries.


The Value of the NFL:

The NFL is worth about $80.5 billion. That’s right. $80,500,000,000. That is an insane amount of money. Where does that number come from you might ask? When adding up the values of all 32 NFL franchises together, that is the sum. The valuations of each NFL Franchise are made annually by, and they had the average NFL Franchise valued at $2.5 billion for the 2017 season. This average includes a sliding range of values, with the Cowboys being the most valuable team ($4.8B) and the Bills being the least valuable ($1.6B). A full list of NFL teams values can be found here. The NFL is worth a lot, and this makes sense considering the insane contracts, revenue, and salary cap involved in the league.

NFL vs. other Sports Leagues (NBA/MLB/NHL):

The 32 NFL teams are worth more than every MLB and NHL team combined. That says a lot about the NFL’s popularity. Take a look at these charts that shows the value of the NFL compared to the NBA, MLB, and NHL.


League Average Team Value (billions)
NFL $2.51
NBA $1.65
MLB $1.54
MLB $0.594


So looking at these numbers, the NFL is far ahead. The NFL’s 32 teams are more valuable than any other major pro sports league in America. Average team values were all release by Forbes within the last year, and I compiled them into two charts to compare. The numbers don’t lie.

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NFL vs. others:

The NFL’s 32 franchises are worth approximately $80.5 billion. If you compared this figure to the most valuable people in the United States by net worth, the NFL would be 3rd on the list. The league would only be behind Bill Gates ($89B) and Jeff Bezos ($81.5B). The NFL’s franchises are worth a staggering amount, and it is almost unfair to just compare the league to people. So, I will compare further:

When comparing the NFL’s value to some of the world’s most popular brands, the NFL would be more valuable then all but Apple ($170B), Google ($101.8B), and Microsoft ($87B). That’s 4th place for those keeping track. The NFL would be above names like Amazon ($51.4B), McDonalds ($40.3B), Samsung ($38.2B), Nike ($29.6B), Mercedes Benz ($29.2B), Walmart ($24.1B), and many more. This further confirms how impressive the NFL’s value is, and should demonstrate the power of professional football in the United States. The NFL is America’s most popular sport, and it is shocking to see that the league is worth more than many other mainstream companies.

The Growth of the NFL and Sports:

Sports are growing, and are more popular now then ever. When looking at the value of the NFL over the past few years, it has grown rapidly. In 2015, the average NFL franchise was worth $2 billion, which makes the league worth about $64 billion. The most recent valuations in 2017 have NFL franchises worth a bit more than $2.5 billion each, which makes the league worth around $80.5 billion. In two years, the league has increased by a value of $16.5 billion. That’s a tremendous amount ($16,500,000,000), and a 25.7% increase in only two years. The NFL is just one example, but the growth is seen in many other major leagues as well. Actually, until this year, it could be said that the NBA and MLB together combined were less than the NFL’s worth. But now with the NBA and MLB both nearing the $50 billion mark, the rise in many sports leagues is becoming very noticeable. It is only a matter of time before the NFL breaks the $100 billion mark, and the same can be said about the NBA and MLB.

Maybe it’s true that money makes the world go round. If so, it’s time to recognize how big of a role sports play in making our Earth spin. Let us know what you thought about this article by sending us a tweet @FrontRowNFL.

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