Where Will Josh Allen Land?

Josh Allen during the Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The biggest question mark of the top Quarterback prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft has to be Josh Allen.

Josh Allen played his college ball for Wyoming, which is a D-1 school, in the Mountain West Division. It’s safe to say Wyoming is not a school know for advancing top prospects  to play at the next level. Wyoming has not produced a First Round Draft Pick since 1976. Allen is viewed as a consensus First Round talent, and he is smashing through what was expected of him. Allen arrived to Wyoming as only 3-star QB out of High School.

Matt Miller, a lead NFL scout at Bleacher Report, wrote this following Allen’s week at the Senior Bowl,

“I spoke with or texted with multiple NFL scouts and executives this week, and one source whose team has a top-five pick told me Allen will “be the first or second pick in the draft.””

That is a bold statement reported by Miller, but one that should explain the hype surrounding Josh Allen. There is a realistic chance that Allen goes top-2, with the Browns and Giants picking and needing QBs. Allen has undeniable raw tools, but still he is not quite pro-ready. The big question is with Allen is: Where will he be drafted?

Breakdown on Josh Allen

Allen’s career stats: a 56.2% completion percentage, 5066 yards passing, 44 TDs, and 21 Interceptions. 767 yards rushing, on 3.2 YPC, and 12 TDs on the ground.

The number that stands out is Allen’s 56.2% completion percentage, and it’s not in a good way. This number is a representative to the most unpolished aspect of his game: accuracy. It is an issue for him, but it’s something that should definitely improve over time as. The completion number honestly could be worse, considering he played with little talent around him at Wyoming.

NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah said he “is more athletic than Carson Wentz” and has “the frame of Joe Flacco”. This sums up the combination of size and athleticism that excites teams about Allen. At 6-5, 237, Allen has great measurables, and that is something that cannot be taught. Allen’s arm strength and mobility at his size are impressive, and he could very well blossom into a franchise QB.

Now, once again … where will Allen be picked in the Draft?

Possible Landing Spots

Pick #1 – Cleveland Browns

If Allen is rumored to “be the first or second pick”, the Browns would obviously be a potential landing spot. The Browns could be in play for pending Free Agent Kirk Cousins, but I don’t think they will be able to get it done. As a result of that, new Browns GM John Dorsey may pull the trigger on Allen and hope they can develop him into a franchise QB. Landing in Cleveland would probably not be ideal for Allen since he may be asked to start Day 1; he’s not the most pro-ready passer in the draft. Although, He does has the most upside. It’s a risk that could yield a great reward for the Browns.

It also very encouraging to hear that Allen did said “I want to be the guy to turnaround the Cleveland Browns” (via @923TheFan Radio).

Pick #2 – New York Giants

The second pick, which is apparently the “floor” for Allen, belongs to the Giants. If he manages to “fall” all the way down to the Giants at pick #2, the Giants should look long and hard at Allen. New Giants GM Dave Gettleman has insisted that he will be taking the best player available, but allowing Allen to learn and sit behind Eli Manning for a year or two would be tremendous. I think Allen to the Giants makes a lot of sense, and he very well could land here.

Pick #5 – Denver Broncos

GM John Elway needs to find a QB soon for the Broncos, or someone else will trying too. Another QB needy team that may roll the dice on Allen, that is, if they don’t land Kirk Cousins. 

Pick #6 – New York Jets

GM Mike Maccagnan needs to find a QB soon for the Jets, or someone else will be trying too. Another QB needy team may roll the dice on Allen, that is, if they don’t land Kirk Cousins. Wow. The same phrase applies to the Jets too.

Although, In a few weeks it may not. I think that the Jets will land Kirk Cousins. They are the front-runners according to Vegas, with 8/5 odds. 

The Rest: Pick #11 – Miami Dolphins/ Pick #13 – Washington Redskins/ Pick #15 – Arizona Cardinals/ Pick 16 – Baltimore Ravens/ Pick 21 – Buffalo Bills/ any other Round 1 Pick

Allen landing at any of these spots would be his true floor I believe. Realistically I don’t think he makes it past Buffalo and their two picks at #21 and #22. That is if he somehow gets there. Landing on any of these teams could be the happen, but I think what Allen has shown so far will have him drafted before Miami picks at #11.

My Prediction

Honestly, I think right now Allen’s performance at the Senior Bowl, along with his great intangibles, will have him as a lock for the top six picks. This seems very reasonable; possibly up to four quarterbacks could go in the first six picks. 

My bold prediction: Josh Allen will be a Cleveland Brown.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Sources: nfl.com, 247sports.com, nflmocks.com, bleacherreport.com


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